Population Infographic


The instructions for this project were simple: read the tables in the Census Bureau’s 2012 Statistical Abstract, learn something of interest, and display the data in a way that shares what you learned.  The table of population growth rates over the decade 2000–2010 holds some really interesting tidbits, but it’s hard to pick them out from an alphabetized spreadsheet.  Sorting the table by growth rate and coloring the fields by geographical region highlights some well-known trends, of course—everybody knows Africa is growing faster than Europe—but it also highlights the outlier cases, raising new questions.  Why was Zimbabwe the only shrinking African country?  Its economy crashed in the early 2000s and millions of people fled to other countries.  How are the United Arab Emirates growing so quickly?  It’s mostly immigration caused by the country’s swelling oil wealth.  What sets Andorra, Ireland, Cyprus and San Marino apart from other European countries?  They’re tax havens!